Wrangler Wednesday

OK so this week's Wrangler Wednesday isn't much about on farm Wrangler wearing.
Last weekend the boys and I had the opportunity to attend the Clemson University Homecoming Events & Football Game.

This opportunity came from my involvement with CommonGround.  An organization which wants to help create conversations about farming and food.  To help start these conversations the South Carolina volunteers passed out BBQ Pork sliders to people attending the festivities.  As we handed out sliders we were able to answer questions people had about their food and our movement to put a face on American Agriculture so that when you have a question about your food you can ask a farmer who grows it. 

We were also interviewed by South Carolina Radio Network, which was a great way to help spread our message and get over our interview nerves! 

In addition we attended the football game...which by the way was the 1st college football game, Wyatt had ever attended...it was also my 1st Clemson game.  William, whose parents use to have seasons tickets, has attended dozens of them.

Opening ceremonies...apparently the greatest 25 seconds in college football,
rubbing Howard's Rock...

Releasing a BILLION balloons...not sure how many but it was a bunch

Wyatt & William (who are both wearing Wranglers) watching the game

The view from our seats

Wyatt enjoying making funny faces

More funny faces

Ahh...I'm missing the game face

Then Wyatt got bored and began looking at the Select Sires bull book,
and yes that is our friend Marie texting behind him

And now we are playing with plastic round bales of hay

Both of the boys were getting a little worn out...

Wyatt's reaction to an awesome play

As good as it gets for a family pic at the game...
please note I do have on Orange & Purple
however I still bleed RED & BLACK...GOOOO DAWGS!! SIC'EM!!

Wyatt on the way home from a long day at the game

So even though we spend most of our time on the farm caring for the land and livestock
we do get to do some fun things and enjoy non-farm life
but the main topic of conversation is always farming and food!

If you have any questions I would love to help you answer them...just ask!

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