Food Day Principle #5

So I took some time off this weekend to deal with a sick kiddo. 
He was miserable so I didn't think that if Mommy spend time online doing research and writing a blog post he would be very happy. 

Instead I did what most moms do when they have a sick little one...I babied him and we spent some quality time just cuddling. 

As I was gearing up to write a post about the next principle of Food Day I noticed someone else had already done so...and actually said pretty much the same thing I was thinking

Check out Food Mommy's Post here

Basically don't blame others because you can't tell your kids no. 
What they eat is a reflection of you and your parenting.  If you are allowing your children to eat junk food day in and day out then you need to readjust and make some better food choices.

Remember this they are children...they will get away with what they can...don't let them rule the roost!

Until next time--


P.S. if you want to start a convo about your food and farming head over to CommonGround's site.

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