Family Farms under attack & under valued

In the past 24 hours my mother in law has brought two different articles to my attention.

The 1st one is about a farm family in Maryland that is being hunted by environmentalists and on the verge of losing their family farm.  This couple has worked hard to create a farm that they can pass down to their children.  See the video clip below

You can go to Save Farm Families to see what you can do to help.

The second was posted on AOL's jobs site.  It listed the 10 jobs America can't do without.
This list left off some major players teachers, truck drivers and Farmers & Ranchers! 

Check out the article here and take a few moments to respond

As Americans continue to move away from the farm and understand less about agriculture we will see more and more people begin to undervalue and attack farmers and ranchers.  We must begin now to make a change...before it is too late. 

Wyatt would love to be the 11th generation of our family to farm and I pray each day that God allows him to reach that goal in life.

To find out more about farming and food check out CommonGround's website. 

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