Psss..did you know I sew!

I am a farm wife that stays extremely busy.
Washing dishes, clothes, cleaning house
Feeding livestock, tending the garden, chasing a 3 year old
working full time, volunteering & being a sales rep for 2 separate companies...

needless to say free time is at a premium!
But I love to sew & bake
lately I haven't done much of either
so my goal for the week is to reorganize my crafting space
get my fabric stash just right
and begin sewing again
dresses, pants, skirts, and Christmas gifts!
oh do I love to sew.

Here are a few items I have created in the past: for Wy & my niece Ashley

Burp clothes for sweet baby Clara

Super simple dresses  

Recycled T-shirt dresses

Dishcloths for Christmas Gifts


Zippered pouches

Clothespin apron

Nice wash cloths...if you want to understand read this 

I love to this week while the rain pours down I will sew and possible knit

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