It's been a while

So it has been a while since I posted. 
I have been super busy lately with work, volunteer jobs and the farm. 
So I thought I would catch you up on my happenings !

We have been baling & loading hay and straw on and off over the last few weeks.

Setting up for our county livestock show...we don't have a county fair.

More setting up

Finalizing details

Trying to catch a break when we can

Organizing show workers

and finally actually showing...goats on Friday night

getting lots of hugs

passing out ribbons

have showmanship showdowns

crowning champions (Sheep on Saturday)

working hard at showing off our stock (Beef-Saturday)


some really cute cows

enjoying the cooler weather...well some of us are

picking apples

an overall just spending time as a family.

I am happy to report that my youngest sister (she's really my sister in law but anyways)
won both the sheep and the dairy senior showmanship classes at our
annual livestock show which means she
earned $500 in college scholarships!

We have also been taking in 4-H ewes to breed for our
local kids that raise show lambs.
Having a photo shoot for CommonGround
Homecoming at church
and maintaining our fall garden...

so all in all its been a busy September.

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