Wrangler Wednesday

Last Friday night I attempted to get in a quick photo shoot with my fav photographer friend Amy.  Now as you can imagine this was rather difficult since days are getting shorter and the hubby doesn't usually arrive home until WELL after dark.  After much coaxing I got him to agree to be at home by 7:30.  Now it takes all of 5 minutes for him shower and get dressed so I knew we should be fine, but Hurricane Irene had other plans...now she didn't rain on my pictures but she did bring some clouds with her which made for an interesting sunset...so here are some pictures for our family photo shoot...by the way if you get a chance hop on over to Facebook and vote for me in the Ultimate Girl Next Door Model contest hosted by Wrangler Western Wear!

Wyatt & his horse Bartow...originally the horse was named Balto but Wyatt started calling him Bartow...which by the way is the name of a small town close to where I grew up...so it stuck and I love it!

Wyatt telling Ms. Amy...this is my sheep...he's a ram...his name is Winston...did you know I can ride him...WATCH

I can too ride him...but Momma don't want me to get my clothes dirty...yea I listen..sometimes

Our hayfield in the Sunset
 A Close up of the Family...I love the angle

Please disregard my muffin top...its terrible...maybe I should think of running in my spare time

My favorite of all my hubby and the little man, Wyatt, just hanging out on Bar

Don't forget to go vote for me...I sure do appreciate it!! Thanks!

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