Friday Fotos

So today begins what I hope will be a new regular feature. Friday Fotos gives you a quick review of our week in pictures snapped at events, on farm, and just in everyday life.

Over the last week our lives have been busy! Full of activities but then that is every week in most families and especially on farms during hay season. Right now we are cutting hay and/or baling hay trying to beat Irene...which we probably won't see since she has changed directions.

Now don't get me wrong I don't want the hurricane to come here but I do want some rain...but now it needs to wait until Sunday as we have family pictures schedule for this evening on farm and Summerfest tomorrow. Summerfest is a huge (40,000+ people) end of summer festival held each year in our hometown of York. Our 4-H'er's have a petting zoo and sell raffle tickets to raise money for the York County Fall Livestock Show as we don't have a county fair. This one event raises between $1000-1500 for the show!

Last weekend kicked off with a Stock Show U show clinic taught by Derek Jones. If you haven't hear about Stock Show U by Sullivan's Supply you need to check it out.

Derek Jones teaching a beef cattle show clinic in McConnells, sponsored by Select Sires & Ranch House Designs. I happen to be a sales rep for both companies so let me know if you need anything! ;) The clinic was aimed at helping kids exhibiting beef cattle to gain knowledge and expand their fitting skills.

Wyatt insisted on bringing his show stick to the clinic...he thinks he needs to show a calf!

Wyatt riding in the gator to get cows up on Monday evening.

The Farm Sign @ the dairy

One of our dairy cows....Skittles

The longhorns

William speaking at the Policy Development meeting for SCFB

So that's kinda a Snapshot of our past week. Show clinics, gathering cattle, hauling cows to the sale barn, attending policy meetings and webinars, planning the 2011 YCFLS and just enjoying life on the farm.

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