In a beat up Chevy Truck...hauling hay

Over yonder coming down the road in a beat-up Chevy truck....

I can remember riding down the road singing this song at the top of my lungs as an 8 year old proud that we had an old Chevy Truck. I loved the song and the fact that the singer Trisha Yearwood had grown up just a few counties away.

Nowdays this song takes on a whole new idea for me because no longer is the boyfriend coming down the road but my husband. But his beat up Chevy only does one thing...haul hay. It has hauled hay and other farm products for his family for generations. William's grandfather, PawPaw purchased this truck new, William's mom, Jane or Nana learned to drive in this truck as did William. The truck has a purpose but it also has a special place on our family farm.

As I said we use this truck for one thing now to haul hay from the field to the barns. Its not the most dependable truck or the nicest looking nor does it have power steering or air but its our hay truck. We hook a four wheeled wagon to it and drive carefully down the road to the hay field. We load it up and chug slowly back, over and over again until the fields are empty. It's a great place to spend quality family time, listening to the same stories we've heard a million times...but that is perfectly ok!

Like I said this truck has been used by 3 generations and we hope to one day teach the 4th generation how to drive using this old truck. Wyatt already loves this truck and its connection to PawPaw (who is his favorite person in the world). He likes to walk around it and kick the tires, complete inspections and count how many hay bales it can haul...but most of all he loves to listen to it fire up!

Farm equipment isn't always pretty but it always works hard to see more blogs about farm equipment check out Farmnwife's blog.!

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