Farm Follies

Each blog i write shares bits & pieces of our family farm lief.  Even though many topics are serious we have lots of fun on the farm.  Plus it never hurts to have a good laugh even if it is at yourself.  So here are couple of recent happenings that just might make you giggle!

some of our cattle

Watch your step! That is a common phrase around the farm especially since our farm includes livestock.  A good cowgirl learns this at an early age but apparently in the hustle and bustle of things we soon forget that cow pies can be dangerous and don't have cute little signs warning the pasture, barn or elsewhere might be slick.  Just a few weeks ago I was walking into the barn to halter a few show heifers when I reached out to catch one just as my foot landed into a cow biggie..but the calf moved quickly to the left and i attempted to do the same and down I went!!  My entire leg landed in the cow pie, ankle to knee!!!  By the way since this was suppose to be a quick trip to the barn I was wearing flip flops and shorts!  I don't recommend this look.
Wyatt & Aunt Rachel

My hubby William and his lil' sister Rachel plus my lil' cowboy Wyatt had just finished morning chores and decided to take the bush hog to a pasture that needed some TLC.  (For those of you who don't know a bush hog is like a giant lawn mower that attaches to a tractor).  Wyatt watched as William backed up the flatbed and Rach hooked up the bush hog for road travel.  Once they were ready Wyatt walked over to Rach and gave her a big high five and said "Rachel you're a great HOOKER!"

What wonderful family bonding moments!  There are 100's more stories similar to these that I could share but that's it for today!  Perhaps I can make this a regular feature Friday Farm Follies!  What do ya think?  Would you like to hear more about the crazy happenings around the family farm???  Let me know!

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