What's going on?

Wy running onto the field
So in the last month we have spent a great deal of time outside

ready to catch any ball in his area
on the t-ball field
in the garden
in the hay field
in the kiddie pool
working show calves

waiting to bat
 Did i mention we played lots of t-ball

trying to coaxes a new calf out of the hutch
we have also celebrated new beginnings...
and mourned losses
my best friend and her hubby welcomed home their first baby
our church family lost two members in one week....
both which deeply affected our family

but we have taken this time to focus more on whats important in life
and spend time with those that matter most

fishing with pawpaw

we have been blessed at our house with rain on a pretty regular basis
which causes our garden to be a regular battle...fighting the weeds
however our farm hasn't been as lucky
we did recieve rain down there this week but are still in need of more

i am hoping to get some pictures of the new show calves this weekend
wyatt is hoping to walk his calf all by himself soon

I am also preparing to go back to work full time
with the county. 
monday is my first day back...pray for me!

have a great weekend and happy father's day to all of you dads out there!

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