Lambing Season

Lambing season is always an interesting time around our house.
Three years ago we lambed out 75 ewes with a new born, Wyatt
This year we lambed about 10
A huge difference but a lot easier
We are focusing more not on quality not quantity.
Plus all of our ewes are ones that Wyatt can enjoy and play with. 

This was Sally the first ewe we had to lamb.
She is a retired 4-H show ewe
who was loved dearly by her former owner...and now by her little owner
Sally had ram one ewe out of our Suffolk ram from Sponaugle.

Lambs are funny to watch as they don't quite now how to control their limbs
And they cry like newborn babies
plus they follow you around like puppies

Sometimes you end up with bum lambs
these are lambs that you feed on a bottle because their mom won't or can't
In the picture above is SALT
She is a twin out of our Southdown ewe

Here is Salt again...she and Wyatt are big buddies
They play in the yard together
run through the barn
and snuggle with each other
both are discovering the world together

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