A weekend around on our farm

This post is kinda old and should have been done a while back but I thought I would share what happens when a 7th grade science teacher has a furlough day from school!
Since my husband is a full time farmer and day off from school means a day to help him out in some way.  Sometimes it just be keeping the little man out of his hair and giving Nana a break, other days it includes driving a silage truck, which has no brakes or power steering.

Our day started with checking on everything at the house.  Wyatt and I make a run through the sheep, horses and the few goats to make sure everything is in their place and doing OK.  Then we head south to the main part of Nance Farm, LLC.  Along the way we picked up some breakfast for the rest of the crew.

Wyatt and I got a by on the first round of chopping silage because we can only run one truck at a time in the field.  While we waited I did a little fall photo shoot with the booger man. 

Once the photo shoot was over we had to get to work.  Wyatt and I climbed into the truck and drove across the field to catch up with William who was driving the tractor.  I drove while Wyatt sat in the passenger seat watching the silage chopper.  He can do this for hours.  One of his favorite pastimes is napping in the silage truck.  After riding around for hours and watching the repetitive motions he just passes out and sleeps so soundly that I want to curl up beside him. 
After a full day of riding in the silage truck and watching the chopper we headed to the barn to help feed baby calves.  We feed our calves fresh "waste" milk from our dairy, so to get milk we have to wait and when you are waiting you usually get roped into helping in the milk parlor too!  Wyatt loves to help put cows in the alleys and push the milk valves down.  After feeding all the calves I caught William washing up and I couldn't resist snapping pictures of him.

We ended our day putting out feed with William.  It's not how I had dreamed of spending my day but it was great to spend time helping out on the farm.  It also makes for great memories and family bonding time. 

Just another day in the life of this farm wife!

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