A yummy fall treat


Fall has just really began in our part of the country and we are lucky to still be enjoying some summer garden favorites such as fresh tomatoes and squash.  Now my little man LOVES LOVES LOVES his veggies, but especially squash (in any form).  His favorite though is fried squash.  So I thought I would share this super simple recipe and give all of you a chance to enjoy Simply Southern Squash...

You will need:
a frying pan
tongs or fork
bowl w/ a lid (tupperware works best)
2 or 3 medium sized yellow squash
cooking oil
and a little helper doesn't hurt

1. rinse the outside of your squash and pat dry
2. fill your bowl about 1/2 full with cornmeal
3. pour oil into your frying pan (it needs to be about 1/4 inch deep) turn the burn on med-high heat
4. slice your squash into 1/8 to 1/4 inch slices
5. put squash slices into cornmeal bowl, place the lid on and let your little helper shake

6. once the slices are coated throughly...shake off the excess cornmeal and drop into the oil (which should be hot but not smoking hot)
7. don't over crowd the slices, leave a little room for flipping
8.  after about 2 minutes flip the squash slices over...the side that is now facing up should be light golden brown (you might find you like them cooked a little darker)
9. wait another minute or 2 and flip again to ensure color is correct on opposite side
10. take slices out of oil and drain  and cool on paper towels
11. repeat steps 5-10 until all slices have been cooked.
12. serve warm and enjoy!
I hope you enjoy this quick and easy way to use your garden bounty and enjoy some Southern comfort food.

(pics coming soon!)

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  1. ooh this looks great. I really like doing fried zucchini sticks.