Homecoming Sunday

Today was homecoming at our tiny church in McConnells. The church began in 1842 and has helped to raise generations of my husband's family and now helping us to raise or little man. Of course if you know us at all you know we were LATE as usual. The Y-man was having issues of what to wear this morning and I was still feeling a little under the weather. We finally made it to Sunday school about 9:50 or 10 a.m. Even though we were late we did have a great lesson. Our class is reading the book "Respectable Sins" by Jerry Bridges. It is really an eye opener and causes one to reflect on their actions.

It amazes me each year how many people gather in the tiny church to celebrate and worship with each other. We were packed each row filled with people who somehow, someway had a connection with this tiny brick church. The sermon was delivered by Rev. Al Ward from a sister church just down the road in Lowrys. He did an excellent job of reminding us that we have never felt the punishment that those in the Bible felt for worshiping God, we are comfortable in our faith and that needs to change. We need to understand that comfort leads to a life that doesn't depend on God but uses him as a casual acquaintance instead of the bread of life.

I know personally I have let my faith slip from time to time and need a gentle (okay maybe a hard) kick to get back to where I am walking with God in the way he desires instead of in the way that is easiest for me.

Of course after the wonderful sermon we all gather to eat lunch on the grounds, and I have to say it was the most beautiful afternoon to do so. There was a light breeze and comfortable temperatures to keep everyone happy and enjoying fellowship with friends from near and far. We all enjoyed the delicious food that was prepared so lovingly, especially Ms. Beck's Banana pudding and Mrs. Salder's homemade bread.

After a nice long time of fellowship we said our goodbyes and William headed to work on a cattle trailer that needed repairing and Wyatt and I headed south to Lowrys to help a 4-H'er shear her two lambs for an upcoming show.

I am always delighted to help a new exhibitor prepare for their first show but this little girl is special. Court, is a freshman in high school, and showing comes as easy for her as talking. She is a natural in the showring however she needed a little encouragement to really feel comfortable. I think she will do a wonderful job next weekend and can't wait to let you know the outcome.

I even got to spend a little time with Rachel today just shooting the breeze and discussing school, life, and of course boys (what else does a 15 year old girl talk about). I am happy to hear that it seems she is learning more about herself and what is important to her. She understands she doesn't need a boyfriend to be popular or happy. She is also learning some hard lessons as well about friendship, trust and honesty. It amazes me that she is still willing to open up and discuss her life with me, I know one day this might pass so I soak it all up while I can.

As another day draws to a close I am thankful for what God has provided for my family and I. Tomorrow we are headed to Newberry for a Jersey sale to help raise money for the Skill-a-thon team to go to nationals. I am hoping to get the little man down and out for the count shortly so I can organize my living room, grade a few hundred papers (no that is not an exaggeration) and possibly get a few items pieced together so I can sew tomorrow evening.

Until next time...have a wonderful evening and thank the Lord for the blessings in your life,

The Farm Wife

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