A Farm Yard

A farm's yard is like no other.  It has been decorated with care just to be trampled over by loose cattle, eaten by deer, torn up by tractors, and loved by children.  I took a few moments last weekend to take pictures of my yard and all it inhabitants at the time.  So here goes
 Molly our, youngest cowdog is learning to watch fence lines

A pair of mud boots that have apparently been abandoned by their owner

 A pair of overturned tractors...a rough day on dry ground, I 'spect.

A lonely four wheeler that has seen too many hours in the blazing South Carolina sun.

A tractor, wagon, and if you look close a dump truck working in the silage pit.

 Another wreck of some sort with a combine, a train, and a tractor trailer truck...oh and a hay bale too!

Or it could be they are getting ready for a wash down!
A tractor that has spent too much time in the mud...amazing how little boys can find mud even when it hasn't rained more than a spit in 40 days.

 A LARGE dump truck carrying around a backhoe

And the creator of these accidents, silage pits, and more...my little man, Wyatt

Here he is again with Reba...bless her, she will tolerate anything he throws her way.  At just under a year she is gonna make a good dog, even if she does end up just a pet.

 And one last picture of the boy
whose playground is as far as the eye can see
who would rather be outside in the dirt
than inside any day of the week,
who has stolen my heart

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