Fall is here...for today anyways

Today has been the coolest day in months.  It was comfy all day long and to be even better its suppose to get into the 50's tonight!  I might stay up all night just to get to wear a sweatshirt...a Georgia one that is because with the start of fall begins the start of the greatest time of year...College football and show season. 

I realize for most of the country that show season is winding down however for us in the Southeast we are just getting started good.  We are gearing up for our county livestock show which is the biggest South Carolina youth only livestock show in the state.  (Our state fair allows youth from other states to exhibit in our junior show.)  We are recounting ribbons, entries, and awards to ensure that we are ready but don't worry we are!  And are setup to have the best show ever! 

I am still finalizing some of the setup details but come Thursday we will be ready for the trailers to begin rolling in.  Stay tune for updates. 

On the farm front we have been busy chopping silage and beginning calving season.  We had 17 cows due in 5 days, needless to say it was a little hectic.  In the mist of all that I began a new job teaching 7th grade science at the local middle school.  I can't say it has gone off without a hitch but it has been good.  We also held the 2nd South Carolina Beef Ambassador contest and awarded the 2011 winners, I am proud to say that William's youngest sister Rachel will be serving as SC Jr. Beef Ambassador for the upcoming year.  We are winding things up with our current ambassador and will be heading to South Dakota at the end of the month to compete in nationals. 

I have taken a break from sewing lately with everything going on.  But I realized that sewing was my release.  I have very stressed lately and finally figured out it was because I haven't been doing anything for myself.  So the sewing will begin again maybe as early as tonight if I can get everything sorted out and cleaned up. 

Speaking of cleaning...I have set a new goal...to declutter and organize my home by December 31, 2010.  In short that means I will be clearing out all the JUNK that clutters our home and finding new ways to corral all those items we plan to keep.  Any suggestions???

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