Cowdog Catches

All farms and ranches have their share of working dogs.  Some have herd dogs, some have guard dogs, and some end up just being pets.  We have had our share.  Back when William & I were dating we got Maggie (tri-color in pic).  Maggie didn't really do much work most of the time since we were at school 5 days of the week.  However as she grew and our lives changed she became a loyal working dog and a wonderful pet all wrapped up into one.  Then after our first year of marriage we be purchased Cowboy (the red merle).  He was young and very active.  I loved him dearly, I am sad to say we lost him due to a heat stroke at 10 months old.   Maggie was with us through college, the first few years of marriage and the birth of our son.  Then one night when Wyatt was 2 months old and William was headed west to deliver some bucks to a test, I didn't shut the screen door well and she went to find him.  She didn't make it far before she was hit and killed.  It took a long time to get over losing such a wonderful worker. 

Now we have two young cowdogs.  Reba and Molly are a far cry different in attitude from our past cowdogs (Maggie & Cowboy).  Neither Reba or Molly have had their first birthdays yet so we are still waiting to see if they will become good working partners or just companions for my little man.  Reba is older and listens better to commands than Molly.  She is also calmer and smoother when working.  However Molly is more aggressive and will take charge faster, but hasn't learned to control herself yet.  So time and training will give us a better idea.

                                                    Molly                                          Reba
Both dogs have been spending some time in their pen this week due to our crazy schedule.  This morning when I let them out I noticed that Reba had a chunk missing out of one of her front legs. 
 It looked like someone tried to cut an orange slice out of her leg.  Now I don't have a problem with blood or flesh missing but I do tend to over react when any animal or child has a piece of flesh missing but that's just the mom in me I think. 

Vetrap & Oiniment
Well I decided that since it was still bleeding some that we needed to do some doctoring on the pup. 

Wyatt helped me to select some pink vetrap and together we put some oinment on the wound and wrapped it up. 

Now just for the record Reba didn't like this one bit.  To get her to cooperate I had to hold her between my legs and have Wyatt pet her. 

My helper
I am happy to report that she is feeling better.  I rewrapped the leg this evening during feed time and it seems to be doing well.  I realize that she probably would have been fine without the wrap however at least this way she will keep the dirt out of the wound. 
Reba with a fresh, clean wrap

 William is gonna bring a shot home from the barn just to help ward off infection.  And according to Wyatt he's gonna kiss it and make it all better.  I still get to keep the job of wrapping though cause who wants to be the bad guy???  Just another day in the life of a Farm Wife....

Have a wonderful weekend,

Caci....The Farm Wife

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