New Shock and Awe Video Released

Many of you may already know that a new video of animal abuse has been released.  I am outraged that this type of abuse was allowed on a dairy farm.  I am even more outraged that people video taped the abuse but did nothing to stop it!  Umm...makes me wonder where they involved? 

I know this is not the norm for the dairy industry.  Producers care about and protect their stock because that is their income.  Farmers and Ranchers choose their profession because it is what they love not that they are going to make millions.  This video is obviously of an employee that was out of control and had anger/violence issues.  Never has a cow been treated in such a matter on our farm.

My husband began a dairy farm 1,509 days ago because that was the job he loved.  Raising before dawn, milking, cutting hay, fixing fences...its hard work... hard back breaking work, that is and has been a constant job since day 1.  He doesn't make millions or get any fame.  He gets frustrated, tired and mad but he never abuses an animal.   Society sees mass media's version of a dairy farm and immediately begin judging him based on his profession.  I encourage each of you to take a moment to meet a farmer, visit them at their farm and find out what our lives are about.  You will soon learn that we value our animals...we care for them.  Each day, twice a day 115 cows walk through our barn, my hubby can tell you what their number is, what the last calf they had was, how many pounds per day she is milking, when her last heat was, and even if she is staying after this lactation.  This job is not one you can go to and do nothing, you must have a heart for the industry. 

It is obvious that what was happening in the above mentioned video did not give you a realistic view of the dairy industry.  We care for our animals and their health.  I wonder why the media never shows a farm without a sensational story??? We take our job seriously, don't judge our actions by someone else.

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  1. I think a lot of people (myself included) view most farms as just big mean greedy corporations today. Your family and your way of work/life is refreshing and unfortunately doesn't make the news enough. I hope the "green/organic" movement allows farms like yours to thrive and multiply and rid us of those greedy corporations. Thanks for your blog!

  2. are welcome. Blogging opens up a wonderful window for those consumers who don't know family farmers. Did you know that the vast majority of farms (97%) in the U.S. are family farms?