Congressman Spratt

For all you SC followers I thought you might like to know that one of our Congressmen is being honored this month by the Humane Society of the United States. (read article here)

As most production animal agriculturist know HSUS is not affiliated with your local humane society. If you are not familiar with HSUS, check out this link

I will be kind and say that perhaps Spratt doesn't know all the details about HSUS and their mission to abolish animal agriculture.  I feel that each of us should contact Spratt and express our deep concern over this matter.  Please remember to express yourself in a professional manner and respond using facts not emotions.  This is your chance to tell your personal story.  Please remember to ask him to support family farms in SC and across the country.  At one time he too was part of our industry. 

Remember this is our chance to help speak out against HSUS and their mission.  Let's help to educate the Congressman. 

Please click here to email Congressman Spratt and tell YOUR farm story!!!

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