Animal Factories?!?!?

I live in a relatively small town (about 7,000 in town; 218,000 in the county) in South Carolina along the North Carolina state line. Agriculture is a big part of our area, however this week I discovered something unnerving at our local library. I visit the library about once a week; this week’s visit was different and really opened my eyes to the reach of radical groups in our country, attempting to abolish modern production agriculture.

On display in this one horse town library was a copy of Animal Factory written by New York Times bestselling author, David Kirby. I quickly snatched the book of the shelf and thumbed through it, reading pieces here and there. I knew I must do something…but what?

Into my mind enters Kevin Bacon…and a scene from Footloose (one of my favorite movies). The people of the small town in the movie are burning books they deem unfit for their children to read-there’s an idea…burn every copy of the book…wait I momentarily forgot I am a dairy farmer’s wife…we don’t have the income for that. Then another thought enters my mind…Freedom. America was founded on the basic principle of freedom-freedom to choose our religion, freedom to bear arms, and free speech. So maybe book burning isn’t an option after all.

I could check this book out though and for at least 14 days (probably more because I ALWAYS forget to return them on time) no one else would be subject to this pack of deceitful lies about the industry I so dearly love. So that’s what I did- I checked out the book (and quickly slip it into my bag so no one would see it)-as I got into my car I realized there must be something more I could do…

After fretting all the way home about how people have a negative connotation about what my family does for a living, some going as far as putting our way of life in the same category as child abusers, I thumbed through the book again…realizing a few months ago I spoke out against people in my industry jumping to conclusions, judging books (and movies) by their cover, speaking from emotions not facts….well I couldn’t do that…I had to know the facts (thanks to everyone who encourage me to be a school teacher!).

So what am I going to do…I am going to read the book, cover to cover! And I invite you to do the same. As I read I am going to blog, discuss, research and share with everyone this book that threatens the very makeup of American agriculture. I will help to shed a light on true modern production agriculture and…TELL MY STORY. Please follow along, join the discussion and keep checking for updates. I will begin the discussion later this week so please be sure to keep reading about what’s happening at Will-C Nance Farm. Until next time have a wonderful day…and if you get a chance thank a farmer!


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