Snow in South Carolina

Last night the weatherman said that we might get some freezing rain and snow.  As usual I disregarded the forecast because they never seem to get it right.  This morning we woke up to a snow covered yard and more snow falling.  It was a lovely feature.  It is not often that we see snow here in SC, however when we do most everything shuts down.  The roads are covered in ice and crazy people are trying to drive when they don't have too. 

William left this morning around 4 headed to the barn.  It normally takes 20 minutes MAX this morning was doubled.  He began his day like all others milking.  The cows were a little slower than normal due to the weather.  It took longer to milk but nothing terrible. 

Once milking was over he headed to his parents.  The tracks into the barn were already recovered in snow and freezing rain.  He ate breakfast there and got warmed up before heading back out in the cold.  This time to feed up beef cows.  He and Rach rode the 4-wheeler down to Ray Brown's (a pasture about 4 miles away).  They check on those cows and then headed across to the Love place (another pasture about 3 miles away).  The ride was cold but the only option since once you got off road trucks weren't an option.  It took a couple of hours and they enjoyed themselves throwing snow balls and such.  Around 10 they were headed back to Nana & Pop's to warm-up.  Today's weather gave William a break.  He was able to take a nap which he really needed.

Wyatt and I had other plans.  Since Wyatt woke up around 3 and didn't really go back to sleep until almost 5 he didn't really get up until 9 (this is unheard of in our house).  We checked some ewes that are close to lambing and fed square bales to all the sheep in the barn. 

 The we took off across the road to visit with Grandma & PawPaw.  The main road wasn't terrible but Flatrock was mainly covered in snow since few if any people had used it.  We made it there uneventfully, (Thank the Lord).  PawPaw had already fed all the cows, so we visited for a while.  PawPaw updated me on the health of all the cows and new calves.  PawPaw discussed purchasing a new tractor, that would be nice however the want for one probably doesn't mean we need one! 

Not long after arriving Wyatt requested a gator ride.  We headed to check on the cow especially PawPaw's favorite calf.  Wyatt also got to ride the Farmall whick he loves.  The new bull purchased at the Yon Sale seemed to be doing well.  All the calves were with their mamas keeping warm.  A few even gathered in the barn.   
 We also tried sledding again with Wyatt.  He loved it!  The snow was hard enough to make it worth while.  The hill next to the house made a great place to slide and it wasn't too long to climb back up.  PawPaw and Wyatt went down the hill 10 times before either showed signs of slowing down.  After all that sledding we had all worked up some hunger.  Grandma, of course had lunch waiting.  

After lunch we headed back to our house.  Wyatt played outside some more and then we headed in.  I was hoping he would nap but as we know 2 year olds have their own ideas.  He played for a while and finally passed out to the sound of my sister's voice (take it as soothing or boring, whatever suits you)!  LOL!   

When Wyatt finally woke up it was time to feed up at the barn again.  We took the sled down to the barn and fed all the sheep.  Nothing looked close to lambing but who knows (full moon tonight).  Everything was fairly warm and content.  Wyatt rode the sled back up to the calf field with a bucket of feed and the cat!  The calves were happy to see us but that's anytime you have a bucket in hand.  We fed up and Wyatt played outside until William made it home from the barn.  Once William made it home they played for a few more minutes and then we headed inside to warm potato soup. 

They are calling for a little more snow tonight and then again possibly on Tuesday and Thursday.  Church has been cancelled for tomorrow so I am sure that we will again spend our time enjoying this weather.  Keep warm and stay safe!

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