AFBF Convention-Seattle

I returned early last week from the American Farm Buereau Convention in Seattle Washington.  It was great getting to see a different part of the country and learn about their agriculture.  We visited the trade show and got lots of interesting articles and some great ideas for things to do back home.  We also got wonderful prizes...everything from cow stress balls to a Washington Women's Committee Cookbook (which I love).  I also participated in the Discussion meet where I advanced to the semifinals.  It was a wonderful experience that has provided great insight into agriculture across the county.  I am also proud to say that South Carolina had one of the Top 10 farmers in the nation and even though he didn't win overall he was an excellent represnetative SC agriculture.  I was pleased that if SC couldn't win a dairy farmer from Kentucky took home top honors.  Overall it was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to attend again in the future. 

While I was there I got to visit the famous Pike Place Market which was a joy to see.  Flying fish, interesting little shops and the sign that boils it all down...Meet the Producer!  It was also disheartening.  As we where leaving the market we spied a little book shop that in the window had numerous pins and signs shedding a negative light on animal agriculture.  We were prelexed as to what to do about this...would explaining the sign and the negative light they were shedding on our industry be enough to get the shop owner to take them down?  In the end we decided not to take action and that has bothered me since that time.  We must speak up and spread the true story of agriculture.  I have said it many time we are the experts and we have to take a stand.  So even after my new year's goals I have had to update them to include Take a Stand.  I can't let people attempt to destory our industry without a fight.  So let the fight begin!!!!

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