Christmas on the farm

Christmas on the farm is far different than Christmas anywhere else.  We would prefer to sleep in however it is not the excitment of awaiting presents that wake us early in the morning, it is our daily routine.  We actually had to wake up our 22 month old son at 4:30 a.m. so that his Daddy could actually witness his 2nd Christmas.  We love our life however people must remember this is a 24 hour a day 365 day a year job with few days off (requires hostipal stay). 

Here is a snapshot of our Christmas Day....

4:30 a.m. drag my rear out of bed....Hubby is showered and dressed already....wake Wyatt up to open presents
5:00 a.m. all presents open...hubby headed to the barn (really late)...begin cleaning up the mess and start 1st load of laundry
6:00 a.m. I could use a nap but I must make 2 pies for family...Wyatt is still playing which is wrecking havoc in the living room (again)...start 2nd load of laundry...1st load in dryer
7:00 a.m. pies are done...time to feed up at the house (sheep and feeder steers)  sure would be nice if the gator was here...start 3rd load of laundry...2nd in dryer...1st is in basket waiting to be folded
8 a.m. both Wyatt and I need to bathe and get dressed...put 2nd load of laundry in basket...3rd in dryer
8:15 a.m.  getting out of shower...dang i knew i needed something out of the laundry...towels...ummmm
8:16 a.m. run to laundry room dripping wet...get I wish William would heat this room!
8:20 a.m. put Wyatt in bath and blow dry hair
8:25 a.m. tell Wyatt water stays in the tub for the 100th time...find clothes...back to the baskets!
8:45 a.m. drag Wyatt (the prune) out of the tub...dry him find him some clothes and clean diaper
8:50 a.m. find Wyatt painting the bathroom wall and himself with makeup
8:52 a.m. Wyatt back in the tub...begin cleaning the bathroom
9:15 a.m. Wyatt cleaned....bathroom cleaned...dress the wild man
9:20 a.m. gather presents, child, diaper bag, pies, coats, phone, and pocketbook head to the car (did I mention it is pouring down rain)
9:25 a.m. run back to the house through the rain to get the phone
9:30 a.m. head to in-laws....meanwhile Wyatt falls asleep...what do I do???
10:50 a.m. arrive at in-laws (it only takes 20 minutes but I road around for an hour allowing Wyatt to nap...can't risk a meltdown)
11:30 a.m. Hubby arrives at in-laws...soaking wet and covered in stuck feeding cows
Noon...hubby cleaned playing with Wyatt still waiting on SIL to arrive
1 p.m. we finally get seated to eat
1:30 p.m. rain has stopped but a tornado has spawn in MIL living room....its name is grandchildren
2:05 p.m. rush out the door to Granny Nance's Christmas gathering (we are late)
2:30 p.m. open more again
3:08 say our goodbyes....William heads to the barn....I head home to do a quick clean before my daddy arrives
4:10 Daddy arrives...more gifts for Wyatt to open...more wrapping paper and boxes
6:30 William arrives more gifts...decide to GO get something to eat
7:00 p.m. the only thing open is Huddle house
8:30 p.m. back home...Wyatt passed out during supper
9:30 p.m. head to bed lets do it all over again tomorrow

Now I realize many of you might have experienced that massive amount of confusion and activty yesterday if I bored you sorry... I didn't mention the fresh heifer...the pulled calf...the broken fence...or the ewe that just lambed and lost both rams...or the fact that it rain 3 life what fun!!!!  I will post pictures soon.

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