Cool mornings and just perfect afternoons that describes McConnells in October. For us this time of year equals lots of work. Show season is in high gear with at least one show a week if not more. Silage needs to be chopped before the first frost (around the 15th of the month). Fall activities to attend keep adding up and hunting season is just around the corner. Not to mention calving (both dairy and beef) are in full swing. Today we are chopping silage. The field is about 100 acres. William cut about a third of it early and we just finished hauling six loads but were hoping for ten. My father-in-law cut a few more rows so hopefully we can get those chopped before milking time.

I love this field not only for the abundance of forage it has produce for us over the years or the face that in has been in William's family for generations. I love the atmosphere, the open space, the border of trees that circle the beef pasture in the distant, the view, and most of all the house that sits on the edge of the field. Its been featured in movies and loved by the whole community for its simple but elegant style. This is the time of year I wish I could freeze and live in all year. Little man enjoys this time of year as well. It s perfect weather to be outside all day long. The silage field and show barns are some of this favorie playgrounds. I can't believe how blessed I truly am.

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