Rainy Days & Mondays

Today is Monday and it's raining. Not a good combo. William milked this morning (as usual). Rainy days means muddy cows and plenty of laundry for me. I am sure that all the milk cows were covered in good old McConnells red mud. Rainy days also cause it to take a little longer to milk, since you have to wash the udders longer.
Then he and his dad gathered up some of the calves we have and took a few to the sale barn. Things are tight on all dairy farms at the moment. With the price of milk creeping slowly back to normal we hope things will be changing soon.

I haven't been at the farm today however I have been working. I have gone to working 4 10 hour days in order to be at home more. I have spent most of the day layout ads for the upcoming show. I just hope there are no huge mistakes.

Below are some recent photos of the farm life.

Wyatt helping to feed baby calves (kinda).

Wyatt's new favorite thing...playing in cornmeal!
Wyatt's first love... a tractor
"Come on Mom lets feed the calves!"

Wyatt & Daddy putting out feed.

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