Our Operation

Farming is big business....not big money as many of you may know. Our operation began many years before I came around. In the beginning Nance Farm consisted of beef cattle, small grains, and hogs. Now years later we have changed things up a bit. Our farm now encompasses about 200 beef cows, 300 diary cows (including milking cows, dry cows, and calves), 500 acres of small grains and hay ground, and 25 head of sheep.

The dairy, beef, and crops are managed by my husband, William and his dad Bill. My mother-in-law Jane is our head calf feeder, my sister-in-laws Rachel and Emily (sometimes) are milk hands. We also have on full time hired hand to help with hay, silage, and cows and another full time milk hand. I am in charge of wrangling our 16 month old son, Wyatt, and helping William with the sheep. I also work full time for our county as an environmental outreach coordinator.

We will update this blog frequently with happenings around the farm. I might even break down the saga of how this Georgia peach ended up in South Carolina. Stay tuned

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