Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wrangler Wednesday

Many of you may have been wondering...
what's up...
where have I been??

Well I have been super busy trying to prepare for some upcoming events...
maybe I will be able to share about them soon...
we will see...

but no matter how busy life is...
the farm still needs tending.

calves still need to be fed

Cats still steal as much milk as possible daily

the farmer still leaves before daylight and isn't home until dark

Farm Boy and Farm Baby check their garden

Farm Boy is growing up and competed in his 1st livestock judging event...
if you don't know me well you can't understand how happy this makes me.

Our 4-H Senior team was 3rd in the state and we had the 5th & 7th high individuals.
 Farm Boy did well considering he was 3 years younger than everyone else.  He even gave a set of reasons!

I have completed all the current open orders for our Etsy Shop YAY!! Maybe now I will have some time to finish up some sewing projects around the house!

We set up the tent in the backyard last weekend and camped out.

The boys decided we would pretend we were really in the woods LOL

Farm boy had to practice his climbing skills

Of course we had to have our ever faithful Millie hang out with us.

We even ventured out for a walk to Grandma's Sunday afternoon

& spent some time with the Farmer helping him work on a tractor after church

We have lots to keep us busy and if spring would ever show up to stay we would have more!

Until next time!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wrangler Wednesday: April 2nd

So spring has finally arrived.  As I type this we are enjoying 80+ temperatures and sunshine!

With spring & April comes turkey season.  
If you follow me on Instagram you may have realized we have a couple of 
rather large flocks of them wandering around the farm.

The farm baby loves to help with evening chores and the great weather makes it even more fun!

We are able to walk most evenings to feed and check cows.

The Farm Boy is still stuck in winter some days but only because he loves his vest!

The calves are growing fast!

And today is special...well at least to me.  It's not anyone's birthday but... 

The Farmer & I started dating 12 years ago today...
I suppose really this is just the official date we agreed that yeah we were a couple
but still it's pretty special to me.  
God blessed me with a strong man who is willing to anchor me, support me, and love me unconditionally.  
A man who is an amazing role model for our 2 boys.  

Many times in high school and college I shared my "I will never..." 
William proved me wrong, TWICE!!!
  I married a dairy farmer & we live happily in South Carolina.  
Thanks honey for all the laughs and love shared over the last 12 years!  
I can't imagine them without you!

BTW the Farmer loves to have his picture taken can't you tell!

Until next time...

"The Farm Wife"

Monday, March 31, 2014

Farm Baby is 1: If you give a mouse a cookie

After months of trying to figure out what we were going to do to celebrate Farm Baby's 1st birthday we finally decided...

Cookies & Milk with a "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" focus.
mainly because he LOVES LOVES cookies!

I didn't get many pictures but below is a snapshot of the party

The gift table

The drink station

The birthday boy before cake


What is this?


After cake :) 

Lots of my ideas cake from my Pinterest board 

Until next time


Friday, March 28, 2014

WOW! Where has March gone???

I can't believe that Monday is the last day of March!  
This year is quickly flying by...I haven't had a post since the middle of the month...
obviously things got away from me!

So what's been going on in our life?
 around the farm? 

Well  we had a photo shoot for the little farm baby...

We visited Ikea and took our own milk (this is a reused bottle from Homestead)...because what else does a dairy family do?

Got our wonderful 1st birthday photos from our AMAZING photographer... check her out here

Had fun celebrating a friends birthday

Fed cows roughly 120 bales of hay this month...that's just one set

Made flags for a wedding

Saw gorgeous sunsets

School yard gardens started

drove to Atlanta in the rain & traffic to speak at a dairy meeting

Started tomatoes

Fed hogs

rode the 4 wheeler

celebrated farmbaby's 1st birthday

wore him out

got to watch some calves really take off

fed more hay

took wagon rides

planted 8 school yard gardens (225 students)

Farmboy FINALLY got his haircut

Spent last Friday afternoon washing show pigs

While Farm Baby watched

Washed some more

Had our first 1st pig show on Saturday

Exposing Farm baby to his 1st pig show (surely not his last)

Watched the judge

loaded all the hogs no being resold to haul to the processor....this group of kiddos maybe the best help Chester Livestock Exchange has ever had...

and watched those "cute" baby chicks turn into these not so cute pullets

oh and kinda continued my weight loss journey.

So as you can see it's been a busy month.  

I haven't posted much because honestly I didn't plan very well.  Here's to next month and better planning!!

Until next time!